Born in 1964. Now lives in Ödenäs outside Alingsås with his wife and two children. Works as a teacher in nature photography at Sundlergymnasiet (Sixth Forum College) in Vårgårda Has been a member of the Swedish Nature Photographers Society/N (Naturfotograferna/N) and the IBL Picture Agency since 2003. Works with several hunting magazines and writes regularly in AKILA; the youth magazine of the Swedish Hunting Society (Jägareförbundet) Has also published articles in FOTO and Camera Natura. Regularly holds illustrated talks f clubs and societies, which he enjoys very much.

Likes to spend time among wild animals. Sits often in a hide to ensure as little disturbance as possible. Enjoys taking photographs in his local woodland, but in recent years has also worked with eagles, bears and muskoxen which has led to several trips to Norway as well a Finland.